Paul Mabray, CSO at VinTank is definitely one of the most motivational people I’ve met in a long time, with a ton of passion & heart to boot. When it comes to business, he shoots from the hip and his aim is dead ON! We met up in Napa, shared some great bottles, broke bread,

This is definitely a WOTR LIGHT episode but it was much fun to produce none the less. Having Jancis in front of the lense and to myself for an hour was an experience I’ll never forget. The themes covered…

In this segment of the interview, Finkus discusses the Purple Pages, social networking and how Jancis’ wine writing has developed from 1975 to now.

The Master of Wine interview is the third and final episode of the Jancis Robinson Trilogy – wow, what a word – Trilogy! I must admit, editing the interview videos surely helped improve my vocabulary and clarity of speech – one notices how many light years away one is from being anywhere near a video

What a year it’s been! More than the wine, WOTR is about the people and places I’m privileged to meet and visit. No scores, no tasting notes… just fun, smiling faces and passion!

When I decided to become a certified Sommelier a couple of years ago, it had to do with my passion for wine and the fact that I wanted to learn as much about it as I possibly could. Little did I know, the more you learn, the more you realise how little you know!

Interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk wasn’t just a “big thing” for Wine On The Rocks but for me personally as well – and it was my first interview – not that day or week, my FIRST interview. I’m so not good at this and my apologies to Gary for interrupting him all the time – not only