Wine On The Rocks GRAND CRÜE members Finkus Bripp GC, Matt Wilson GC and Vincent Bründlmayer GC were on the go in Paris, Burgundy and Geneva in order to have a great time and get their fair share of fantastic wines.

The complete series will be launched in late June 2013. Enjoy the trailer.

With the popularity the first FINKUS COLLECTION DOURO wines, LOLITA & MILF (made in co-op with the fabulous Quinta do Popa), it was just a matter of time till the next collection was planned! It is with great honour we announce that Finkus Bripp GC is teaming up with award winning Austrian winemaker Fred Loimer

What a year it’s been! More than the wine, WOTR is about the people and places I’m privileged to meet and visit. No scores, no tasting notes… just fun, smiling faces and passion!

When I decided to become a certified Sommelier a couple of years ago, it had to do with my passion for wine and the fact that I wanted to learn as much about it as I possibly could. Little did I know, the more you learn, the more you realise how little you know!