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Since one cannot live from wine alone – eventhough that would be nice – WOTR also does food! It’s not been quite a year since I decided to launch Wine On The Rocks and quite a bit has happened since DAY 001 and much more will happen by DAY 365… but that’s another blog entry. This entry is dedicated to my first JOINT episode with another blogger: Swiss Author and Foodie extraordinaire, Claudio Del Principe (Anonyme Köche). In addition to this episode, I also filmed a two part interview with Dieter Meier in regards to his Oranic Malbec & Malbec blends.

Claudio kinda thought I was crazy from the very beginning for even thinking of asking Dieter Meier to take part in a WOTR episode… considering I didn’t have an appointment… and was kinda just hoping he’d walk in to his own restaurant (Ojo de Agua)… and if/when he did, hoping he wouldn’t brush us off like a couple of groupies when I’d ask him to take part in my online show…

As Claudio and I were dining at Dieter Meier’s Ojo de Agua Contor back in November, who happened to walk in that very night? The man himself, Dieter Meier. A few words and laughs were exchanged and since the planets were in alignment after enjoying a bottle of his PURO Malbec, I asked Dieter if he’d take part in a Wine On The Rocks episode and he not only obliged but took part in two: the wine interview and Brazing Beef (screens above). Thanks to mobile devices with video capabilities, he liked what he saw. Which of course is a huge compliment coming from such an accomplished artist and full-out-all-rounder!

As the saying goes “Ask, and Ye shall receive!” Dieter was ON from the very beginning and all I can say is, his organic wines and meats are absolutely fabulous. The episodes were filmed in February 2010 at Dieter Meier’s Restaurant Bärengasse in downtown Zurich, one of the city’s finest culinary addresses.

Please visit:
Ojo de Agua website >>>

Restaurant Bärengasse in Zurich, SUI >>>
Anonyme Köche (German language)

Thanks go out to Dieter, Claudio and Henry Head for his help on cam.



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