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Paul Mabray, CSO at VinTank is definitely one of the most motivational people I’ve met in a long time, with a ton of passion & heart to boot. When it comes to business, he shoots from the hip and his aim is dead ON! We met up in Napa, shared some great bottles, broke bread, killed my “waterproof” GoPro camera in the HotTub (that’s another story)  and also found the time to talk about Social Media in the Wine Industry.

Seeing what Paul and the VinTank team have put together in such a short time is truly inspirational. When it comes to innovation in the wine tech industry, VinTank is truly a leader! With so many charlatans and gold diggers spewing three year old recycled Gary Vee jargon (pseudo Social Media Consultants) out there today preying on the insecurities of the wine industry when it comes to Social Media activities, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally meet someone who talks the talk and walks the walk: a true original.

VinTank produces innovative platforms such as (helping wine brands protect and promote themselves effectively by measuring, interpreting and engaging the online chatter, clutter) and (allowing users to taste, review, and score wines to win exclusive passes and rewards!), setting the international standard when it comes to using the web in today’s complex marketing mix.

Enjoy the interview… surely 07:29 minutes well spent!



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