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Why pay for a bottled red wine cola mix when you can make your own at home? As juvenile as I am, I only wanted to try it because of the name (I won’t even go near the translation)… see who comes out on top.

Editing this vid was pure hell… it’s the shortest vid I’ve done to date and was one of the longest to edit. There’s nothing worse than taking things “a little” overboard during the shoot only to find out later how overboard you actually went in the KrAss department. I was cruisin’ for a bruisin’ and oh so ON when it came to being a recipient of hate mail.

But there’s nothing better than being your own sensor and WOTR is surely about having fun but being ordinary & plainly stupid isn’t part of it. Therefore excuse the conotation tied to the product – yes, I could have refused to taste this product – but I do feel this kind of stuff should be taken with a grain of salt.

Thanks to Dom Crossover for helping on the cam… he said he’d help again, so I’m guessing he had a good time!

Keep on keepin’ ON!

Product info: Kalte Muschi is only available in Germany (as far as I know). If you’re looking for more info, visit www.kalte-muschi.de

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