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This is definitely a WOTR LIGHT episode but it was much fun to produce none the less. Having Jancis in front of the lense and to myself for an hour was an experience I’ll never forget. The themes covered…The themes covered in the first part of the Jancis interview series are the following:

1. Mosel Bridge – B50 “One reason why I don’t like politics” (That’s me quoting me, not Jancis)
Some politicians (Germany’s Kurt Beck of the SPD party for one) has OK’d the building of Germany’s longest bridge (B50) in the Mosel Valley in order to shorten commuters’ routes by approx. 30 minutes – all in the name of progress! Not so far off is the Frankfurt Hahn airport which is one of Germany’s Ryan Air hubs… no wonder. With this behemoth they will also be destroying thousands of years of history. Great huh?

Link to Jancis Robinson’s article on the subject
More info on the Mosel Madness can be found on the Dr. Loosen site

Latest update offered by Sarah Washington (JAN 11-2010): The bridge building has not yet started, but trees are being cut down. The local resistance is growing now that the project is visible. Still a long way to go, but it is increasingly encouraging to see people fighting on all fronts – costs, environment, prize vineyards, lack of traffic, unstable geology, tourism, UNESCO etc.
The German press is finally taking notice – in no small part due to criticism from abroad. National radio will be here for a live radio debate on 13th January with the State Transport Minister. That will be noisy!

2. Cellared in Canada – “Another political schlamazel!” Me again.
The provincial governments of Canada (except Alberta, which is private) have their fat little fingers firmly grasped around the large alc cake, better known as a monopoly – but there’s no play money involved here. Billions of Canuck Dollars flow here in tax revenue and it’s all in the name of “responsible drinking” and “control”. The current cherry on the cake is the “Cellared in Canada” issue – wines are bought in bulk from wherever and once bottled in Canada, they receive this wonderful marketing slogan which nobody really cares to question. Jancis brings up some great points about this.

Join the Boycott Cellared in Canada Wines Facebook group
Link to an article on the subject – The WineHub

Keep on keepin’ ON!

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